Arlington Titanium Magnetic Bracelet 10mm
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New for 2015 is our Arlington Titanium Magnetic Bracelet. Gold & Silver, premium titanium links with embedded therapeutic 2500 gauss neodymium double line magnets. 10mm width magnetic bracelet,ideal for both ladies and gents

Our executive chain bracelets are available in 6, 61/2, 7, 71/2, 8, 81/2, 9, and 91/2 inch lengths. Using a tape measure please measure the wrist close to the skin,as shown in picture, and then add 1/2 inch when ordering your bracelet. The bracelet may be slightly longer than the size required as they are made to the nearest link size. Bracelets are never despatched shorter than the required length.

Each link contains a 2500 gauss N35 neodymium magnet ( North pole towards the skin ). Common uses of these magnetic bracelets are the relief of arthritis, rheumatism, tension, migraine, stress, inflammation and general aches and pains. Magnets have been used for thousands of years as a natural healer.

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